7 Years of Good Luck & Bad Timing


It all started with a gnarled finger. 

Scott Sullivan, Founder of Greenbush, did not set out to open a brewery. In fact, he was in the business of building custom furniture and lighting until he was injured in a tussle with a saw blade in 2007. 6 weeks of recovery time led him to pursue different hobbies, one of which was home brewing. With pins in his hand and plenty of time, Sullivan began making a few beers through a home-brewing kit gifted to him by his brother. After he concocted the beer we now know as Distorter, he began bottling and schlepping his craft to anyone who would listen and thus Greenbush began to take root. 

Nestled in the 2,000 person town of Sawyer, MI Greenbush Brewing Co. opened June 10, 2011 in what used to be a local laundry-mat and video rental facility. The brewery’s name stems from the nearby town Scott hails from. In the 1840s, Harbert was a whistle-stop along the railroad, referred to as Greenbush. 

What began as a 32-person taproom has grown into a place that can hold more than 80 people – about 100 when taking outdoor seating into account. In 2014, The Annex opened across the street, doubling patio seating capacity during the warm Michigan months.  It also houses the deli where charcuterie trays, house-cured bacon by the pound, and GB Grub can be purchased along with bottled beer & kaleidoscope of merchandise.

In 2016, Greenbush acquired the old Fitzgerald’s – next to the Taproom – and turned it into the Clean Plate Club, which now serves to host rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, intimate concerts, Craft & Drafts and more.