The Taproom

Local Tip: The taproom is very popular. If there’s a wait, no worries. Beer, charcuterie and cheese are served across the street in the beer garden, Greenbush Annex.
— New Buffalo Explored

Mug Club


Greenbush "Friend with Benefits"

Here, we give you the laws of engagement with regard to becoming a Greenbush ‘Friend with Benefits’.  Mind you, this is a lifetime membership with no yearly dues!  Memberships are only available in the taproom.  What’s the benefit?

  • Access to a 20 oz. mug that will sit proudly on a shelf in the taproom.

  • $.50 off every single pint you receive—in that beautifully “larger than a pint glass” mug

  • Half off pints each & every Monday

  • $2 off growlers each & every Wednesday

We communicate with members via Facebook 1% of the time and via e-mail approximately 99% of the time. If you’re not on the social media game, feel free to stop by the pub often and find out what specialties await.