Bus Drop-off/Pick-up

Please drop off and pick up your guests next to the GB HQ building at 5888 Sawyer Rd, in the Sawyer Hardware parking lot. There are signs designating the drop-off zone. You may not park the bus here while you wait for your group! 

There is a crosswalk located by the GB Annex front door – there are often cars going across the railroad tracks quite fast, so the crosswalk is the safest place to cross. 

Alternate Bus Drop-off/Pick-up

If the drop-off zone at 5888 Sawyer Rd is not available, and alternate bus drop-off/pick-up is along the fence to the east of Infusco Coffee.

Bus Parking

Once you’ve dropped off your guests, bus parking is at the GB Commissary kitchen at 5712 Sawyer Rd on the corner of Sawyer and Flynn. Please be sure to have a contact phone number for your group so that they can let you know when they’re ready to be picked up.