Good ideas often start over beer. Always looking to take a good thing too far, we sat down over a beer (or two) and decided that beer itself was a good idea. Of course, not just some easy-drinking, institutional prole beer, but stuff like the unique craft beers we’d had at great bars. In short, we wanted beer with flavor. Complexity. Character. Intensity. Not words found in the mass-market lexicon. So with a banjo burner, a bunch of industrial-sized kitchen pots and as many buckets as we could find, we jumped in feet first. Once a week, every week.

Greenbush Brewing Company opened in June 2011 in the tiny Southwest Michigan town of Sawyer (pop. ~1200 at the time). We’ve expanded our Sawyer taproom three times, added the Annex & beer garden across the street, upped our production from a seven-barrel brewhouse to a 15-barrel brewhouse in February 2013 and in 2016 opened up our latest endeavor the Clean Plate Club, serving our beer and diner fare etc. We are now producing beer for thirsty craft beer drinkers throughout the entire state of Michigan, Illinois and Indiana.

With beers named Anger, Closure, Mammoth and Doomslayer–none of which are under 6% ABV–we can honestly say that full-bodied, flavorful beers are our bread and butter. Lucky for visitors to Sawyer who want to fill their bellies with more than beer, or the occasional non-beer-drinking book club that stops by, the Taproom, Annex and Clean Plate Club  also feature insanely delicious food.  BBQ fare in the Taproom, Imported charcuterie meats & cheeses in Annex, and Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the Clean Plate Club our new diner.  Why? Because we think all people, our locals especially, should have easy access to good beer and great food.  We boast a lifetime Friends with Benefits mug club membership with 3,500+ members and counting.



Scott Sullivan – Owner, etc.

Unable to work due to a lost fight with a router, Scott took up home brewing in the winter of 2008 with his friend Tim. Shortly thereafter, Scott and his wife, Kristen, moved from the south side of Chicago to Harbert, Michigan, where Scott grew up. As he continued to brew, he pulled longtime friend Justin Heckathorn into the mix and, undoubtedly after a few pints, the idea for Greenbush Brewing Co. was born. Scott leads the Greenbush vision and takes on various projects to make it a bigger, better place.

Scott and Kristen own a 20-acre farm where they live with their four kids, Caitlyn, Elliot, Astrid and Soren, their dog, cats, goats, a rooster named Bill and one million hens. Outside of beer-related things, Scott enjoys cooking, 90’s music, obscure trivia and esoterica, making new things out of other things that weren’t originally those things, and working on his 100-plus year old farmhouse.


Justin Heckathorn – Owner, FOO

Justin Heckathorn grew up in Three Oaks, Michigan and has a professional background in banking. When he and Scott came up with the idea for Greenbush, he thought that owning a brewery sounded cooler than being a banker. Justin came on board with his number-crunching prowess to keep the Greenbush ship sailing. On any given day he can be found counting beans, dealing with different levels of government, balancing things and making some killer spreadsheets. He is responsible for the financial operations of the brewery, always making sure there is money to make more beer.

Justin lives in a cool old house in Grand Rapids with his wife Kristine and four kids, Kendall, Devon, Joslyn and Micah. When he isn’t financing, Justin enjoys playing golf, golfing, hitting the links, going to the golf course, and the occasional round of golf. Though he’s made the conversion to craft beer, Justin is still known to enjoy the finer domestic light lagers every now and again. Whatever he’s doing, Justin will probably be listening to the Dead, Phish, String Cheese Incident or quite possibly Dr. Hook. He has equal love for all.


Greenbush Brewing Co. Taproom


General Manager: 

Greenbush Brewing Co. Annex


General Manager: Bob Hanaway

Clean Plate Club


General Manager: Anna Rafalski

Office Manager, HR, Donation Requests, Advertising.....

Justin Baney

Culinary Director for Greenbush & Catering

Jordan Gottlieb

Retail Sales & Beer related Events

Sales Director: Justin Baney

Brewery Operations Manager

Jake Demski  

Merchandise Buyer

Justin Baney


Keg Purchases

Please contact Cody with keg purchase requests. All requests require 48 hour minimum notice prior to pick-up time for coordination. Strict keg pick-up and return times are 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Monday through Sunday.  





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